Intuition (part two)

The opposite can also happen. An expansive, joyful feeling when I first meet someone often indicates that we have something to “give” each other. Often it takes time to work out what this gift is, but the initial feeling is rarely wrong.

Another way I receive information is through electrical interference. (Stay with me on this one!) Sometimes when I say something negative or angry, the music (which travels wirelessly across my home network) drops out or breaks up. When this happens I take a deep breath and think about what I’ve said. Often this causes the music to start playing again. It freaked me out the first few times, but I feel increasingly comfortable with it as another channel of intuitive communication.

I know many people who receive information visually, but this has never happened to me. This is not surprising as I am an auditory and kinaesthetic learner and not particularly visual at all.

Intuition is experienced differently by different people and, just like rational intelligence, to differing degrees. This is something intuition’s detractors really struggle with. At its root their argument seems to say “If it’s real, why can’t I feel it?” Yet the same people have no problem accepting that one person is brilliant at mathematics, while another can barely scrape a C at GCSE.

Just like mathematical ability or skill with languages, there are people who are “betterâ” at intuition and people who are “worse” at it – and just like other forms of intelligence, it’s something that can be fostered and developed. I’m a great case in point: I had little intuition until I began to open up to it. As a result of becoming more conscious of it and welcoming it when it comes, I have developed a lot more.


There’s another question, and it’s a really big one for me. Rational thought is an active form of intelligence – it is something you “do” and the processes are quite clear. By contrast intuition is a receptive form of intelligence – it is something you “tune into” and the processes don’t seem as obvious. So the question for me is – what are we tuning into?

My belief is that, beneath the surface level, in which we are individual and separate from each other, there is a deeper level of reality in which we are all connected. This is a belief has evolved through many magical experiences I have had over the past 5 years. Through these experiences I’ve been able to experience the inter-connectedness of all things for myself – something I’d only previously read about in mystical texts from around the world.

If everything is connected at a deeper level, it makes sense that we can receive information about anything from anywhere, at any time. For me, still a relative newcomer to intuition, it feels like I am tuning into my own wisdom and deeply into the people around me. So when I get a clear message about what to do next in a healing session, it comes from my connection with the other person.

From the work I’ve done with others, however, I’ve glimpsed much deeper levels of intuition – connecting with what Paolo Coelho calls “The Soul of the World”. This is particularly striking when working with Avanti (who I fondly dub my psychic life-coach) – she seems to access information at a very deep level, often saying things that are amazingly accurate about my life and what I need to do next. The same is true of DK when he is reading Tarot or doing a ritual with me – he seems to connect with something far beyond himself, at a place where intuition becomes something even deeper and even more mysterious.

To further illustrate this: during the recent Tarot reading, DK’s eye was suddenly drawn to an eagle in the card The World. The eagle is a creature I have a deep resonance with: shamanically it’s one of my power animals and it’s also the loftiest, most noble aspect of Scorpio (my star-sign). DK’s intuition was not based on a study of Tarot or any prior knowledge – it was information he was given in the moment, from an unknown source.

Certain people seem to be able to go very deeply into this connected place, and access information that is inexplicable to the rational mind. At a certain point this ability becomes eerie and we call it something else, usually “psychic”. Based on what I’ve understood so far, psychic is simply a deeper access to the same type of receptive intelligence. To put it another way, psychics are just very tuned into their intuition.


It is normal for each of us to be stronger in one type of intelligence and weaker in another. If you look at a typical sys-admin or computer programmer, you’ll most likely find their rational intelligence to be stronger and their intuition to be weaker. By contrast you’ll probably find that a Shiatsu practitioner or Tantrika will have a highly developed intuition but won’t be as strong in structure and organization.

My belief is that each of us should develop in the areas where we are less strong. Speaking personally, I found that strengthening the part of my mind that was less developed has had a profound effect on me and I believe it can be beneficial to everyone.

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  • […] Intuition (part two) […]

    April 27, 2011
  • SkorpionUK

    I like this, and agree with much of it.

    You’re one of the few people I’ve met who know about several totem animals for scorpios (also: damn, how did I not twig you were one of us?). The version I know and like best is: snake > scorpion > eagle > phoenix. Which is why I have a phoenix tattoo.

    April 28, 2011
  • Gosh, I didn’t know about the Phoenix. Thanks darling!

    April 28, 2011
  • Dearest snake scorpion eagle phoenix brother x x x this is a beautiful, orgiastic, engaging, generous, and coherent piece of writing with your brave humility shining through. Such a gift to read. my intuition feels like feelings and knowings winding their way from my feelers and source point through my womb into crystalised symbols or words that i brave to articulate. It’s like bringing knowledge from other dimensions into this third dimension through a translation network if neuro transmitters! My perception catalysts ‘see’ and ‘feel’ into another being with an intuition of where is that person lonely with themselves. It’s a joy to be hidden and a disaster never to be found seems to be my psyches mission in life! I can’t help my feelers automatically discovering what’s crying out to be found. My whole life feels to be about bringing the mysteries from the unseen into the light … Not to capture them or box them but to revel in mystery itself. There are the dark mirrors in others that reveal my own unseen that I’d rather not see sometimes in the fog of shame and I’ve got braver here and now track them through the thorns to find the sleeping beauties and wake up! I also have been having experiences that I’ve called ‘having downloads’ a term I’ve heard elsewhere that seems to fit these experiences that can sometimes wake me from sleep to write down or arrive in my mind like dancers that could disappear any moment unless i fathom their choreography to translate into words or images. These are like jewels and insights from the deep dancing away foggy vision into ‘ahhh has!’ i sometimes pull over to stop the car when they come. It feels delightful like receiving surprize gifts like your piece of writing has been for me …a great big ‘Aaahhhh ha!’ Thank you for your ‘download’!

    April 28, 2011
  • Smashing piece of writing, clear and brilliant thoughts, deep and personal RAH. 🙂 Bravo x

    April 29, 2011
  • Really enjoyed this piece. Thank you. Jon

    April 30, 2011

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