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The Oxford Dictionary defines intuition as “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning” and “a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.”

Contrasting intuition with conscious reasoning is a useful starting-point. It distinguishes these two types of intelligence, allowing us to look the ways in which they are usually characterized:

Intuition Reasoning
Scientific Right-brain Left-brain
Gendered Feminine Masculine
Taoist Yin Yang
Physical quality Movement, flow Framework, structure
Sexual quality Receptive Active
Relationship quality Connecting Distinguishing, Separating
Body part Gut, Third Eye Mind

From the list of qualities associated with intuition, it is clear that this is not an intelligence much prized in Western society. We have a tendency to favour patriarchal, masculine intelligence, which makes sense when you consider that capitalism encourages us to be rugged individualists. By contrast Eastern cultures, from India to Japan, are more collective-minded and prize intuition much more strongly.


Intuition is hard to write about and characterize, because different people experience it differently. For me it’s mostly aural: I “hear” a quiet-but-clear internal voice, giving me advice and information right in the moment. It provides what I need just when I need it. To give a recent example, I experienced this several times during my Tarot Reading with DK Leather – as he spoke about a certain card, I was “told” the name of the person or thing it related to.

When I first started hearing this voice it was quite shy, only speaking when absolutely necessary, quiet the rest of the time. For the past 5 years I’ve been honouring it whenever it graces me, and following the advice it gives. As I’ve done this more and more, the voice has spoken more frequently and more clearly.

I also receive intuition kinaesthetically. I experience this in a range of sensations, particularly when I’m doing a Healing BDSM Ritual. Often I feel a rush through my body as the other person rushes, allowing me to travel with them as they fly. Or I feel something in my body as I strike a certain part of theirs, telling me that I have hit something important, a place where I need to go deeper.

Sometimes I feel a contraction in my chest when I hear something, indicating that I don’t like it on a deep level (even if my mind was quite happy with it). I noticed this a lot when I returned to the corporate sector briefly after developing my intuition, I would feel something akin to being punched in the stomach when I was being pushed into a corner or forced to do something I didn’t want to do. Since this happens a lot in the corporate sector, I became particularly attuned to this form of intuition.

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  • phil_z

    Ah, see? Now that makes total sense for me of my growing dissatisfaction with work, in equal measure to my desire and realisation that in truth I want to become a healer. Not sure why the term sounds and feels wrong to me. I guess as a verb it suggests certainty in healing, along with knowledge and expertise – implied arrogance even? Maybe I’ll just stick with; helping others heal themselves. Not quite intuition at work, but nearly…

    June 11, 2011
  • Lucia

    Thank you for sharing this Faerie. It is really good. The first time I was conciously aware of this voice was when i was attending a home birth and the baby had a shoulder dystocia (When the shoulders get stuck in the pelvis), something that is considered an emergency.
    Well that voice shouted me what to do. It is true that I am also trained to deal with the situation nad at a concious and rational level I also knew what to do. But this voice was different from my normal thoughts. It was quicker, clearer, deeper, stronger and louder. It wasn’t like I was considering the pros and cons of doing this or the other. It was just like a comand from within. By trusting and following that voice I dealt with the situation very quickly and efficiently and the mother and the baby were both born in excellent condition. I was amazed after that.
    The thing is that I hear that voice more when I am midwifing than in my daily life. But I guess it is there all the time speaking to me and perhaps I am not aware of it.
    What I find interesting from your article is what you say that it also speaks through sensations in the body…I will be aware of it and feel more!

    July 31, 2014

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