My Shadow Healing journey (guest post)

This beautiful guest post is written by Amala Bodhi, who bravely journeyed into the dark to heal her wounds, under Faerie’s loving watchful gaze.

Bioenergetics is a way to access trapped emotion held on a cellular level in the body, a powerful tool that really gets beyond your story and just helps your body open and flow. However, I also found I needed specific work on areas of triggering, especially around my relationships to men or should I say one man, my father. Now that is in a dark closet under the bed – as it’s related to the sexual imprint I received from him, meaning I didn’t recognise, let alone hold boundaries around anger and sex. I have found many cathartic techniques taught by some incredibly knowledgeable people, however I went looking for something specific and targeted.

In walks the irrevocable London Faerie. If you haven’t met him, he’s this beautiful warm-hearted charismatic man, often to be found in a pink tutu as well as leather chaps. When you get closer to his Scorpio eyes you see depth in him like Neptune and a killer sense of bullshit – he can smell it a mile off. As soon as my eyes caught him, I felt a magnetic attraction, knowing he held keys for me, this guy has been to the deep lands and come back laughing. He can hold incredible amounts of contradiction and emotion in such a powerful, unassuming way.

The journey I went on with him through three sessions, took me through some of the most painful memories of my childhood and early adulthood. Not only did he recreate the perfect conditions for revisiting them without re-traumatising me, he also helped me reframe them and come to love myself in a powerful new way. He used incredible insight, instinct, love and all of the multifaceted modalities of Tantra, bodywork and BDSM to help me come to terms with pain. The journey itself is a long one and too personal in parts to reveal all however, what I will share is with each session I moved through the deep strangle hold of anger. The stuff that you just can’t find without going back in time and someone saying – I know its dark in there, but honey, you deserve to be broken out of your chains, breath and come back to the light.

He held my sobbing 8 year old, he helped me see the dignity and damn right passionate courage of a broken 15 year old and he held me through releasing the trauma of my bewildered, angry 21 year old who no longer trusted men. By the final session, he had helped me birth a Queen, I sat wearing my new red dress, a crown and my energy humming with sweet, silent love of life and self. Its beyond words what I experienced and there is a part of me returned to innocence because of those incredible sessions!

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