Needle Bliss: guest post by EMU

Recently Faerie had the pleasure of doing a Play Piercing Ritual with EMU, a wonderful sexuality professional from Germany. This is her account of the experience.

Just now as I’m sitting down and starting to write about my experience, again I get reconnected to this peacefulness. I’m smiling right now.

Play Piercing ritual with London Faerie

Image adapted from a photograph by Carl Johan Rehbinder

Faerie guided me throughout the whole session with the intention of getting to know the quality of my vulnerability better.

After only two needles I felt so much peace. Tears were running but mostly smiles and this deep feeling of peace. I was surprised since vulnerability is hard for me to allow and been seen with. Normally it’s connected with a lot of fear, pain and struggle. But not this time. With each needle I felt an invitation, inviting this topic of vulnerability through the needles into my life.¬†Inviting Faerie and his presence, inviting people, inviting allowance.

At the end of the session i said: “I’m so happy… and it doesn’t happen very often that I use this term.”

Thank You Faerie for creating this beautiful space and guiding me through my journey. –¬†EMU

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