Vibration and awareness

Often, when talking with New Age spiritual seekers I hear the phrase ‘low vibration’ used critically: usually to describe someone who isn’t very conscious or spiritually evolved. So I was taken aback when Avanti, the psychic life-coach I consult regularly, told me that I was very dense. I verified with her that this means I vibrated at a low frequency. ‘That doesn’t sound good,’ I replied, a little anxious that I wasn’t spiritual enough to do this work.

‘Not at all,’ she replied. ‘Think of it like a choir. You’re like a baritone and someone with a fine vibration is like a soprano. The choir needs them all to make a beautiful sound.’

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Perhaps I could cut the (spiritual) muster after all.

After that session with Avanti I dwelt on these ideas for some time. I knew that when New Age friends said someone had a low vibration (in that quietly scathing way) they were pinpointing something correctly; yet their choice of words was out of line with what Avanti had taught me. And then I got it! There are two different scales: vibration and awareness. These two scales exist on different axes, in a graph that looks like this:

Vibration and awareness chart

Often when people say someone has a low vibration, they mean that (s)he is not very aware. Perhaps they have a low vibration too, in which case they would plot somewhere like this:

Low vibration person

As I understand it, lower vibrations relate with being more physical and earthbound. So a person with a lower vibration might feel more solid to the touch and love earthly pleasures like sex and food. When less aware they will tend to excess: lustful, boozy, gluttonous and greedy.

But as they develop awareness, dense-vibrational people become wonderfully present, inhabiting their bodies and the physical world in a grounded, clear and confident way. They might take the role of a sexual healer or masseur, revealing the usefulness of their embodied awareness:

Embodied healer

From this I understand that there is nothing inherently better about a higher (or finer) vibration. Someone on a high vibration without much awareness is a classic ‘woo-woo’ spiritual type: totally connected ‘up there’ but not at all at peace on the physical plane. They’d probably plot on the chart here:

Woo-woo type

They will often be slight and wispy and be easily overwhelmed by things of the world. They might dismiss the world as less important than the spirit realms. They find dense people and intense physical sensation scary and difficult. In a sense they haven’t really been born yet: they are still so connected to the ethereal that they aren’t fully embodied.

By contrast a person with a high vibration who has developed awareness relates to the physical plane in its ephemerality. They know that we are here in this body for a short time and they enjoy their physicality as a pleasurable game. At their most aware they are the traditional ‘enlightened beings’ who remain connected with the higher realms while also thriving in the physical world. They might become a spiritual teacher and would feature on the chart here:

Spiritual teacher

There are of course many subtle nuances to this way of seeing and understanding people’s energetic frequency. Some people can move freely between different frequencies and bring the same awareness to different densities – Avanti is a case in point. What’s important is to make a distinction between frequency and awareness, and not to mistake a low vibration for a lack of awareness.

(Intellectual side note: I’m pretty sure that our notion that higher frequencies are better is a hangover from Christianity, where the angels and God are above, and the demons and the Devil are below. By contrast shamanism sees upper, middle and lower realms as part of the whole and prizes them all equally.)

In terms of personal growth the important thing is for each of us to become more aware of the frequency that is innate to us. I tried for some time to travel to upper realms and access psychic abilities but they simply didn’t come. After Avanti explained this idea of ‘healthy density’ to me, I realised that my intuition is more of an embodied ‘knowing’ than a psychic ‘seeing’. Since then its grown stronger and stronger, because I’m not trying to do something that my vibration doesn’t do naturally.

In gaining this acceptance I learnt that one of my gifts as a healer is to help high-vibrational people to inhabit their bodies more fully. I do this by simply being me: embodied and aware, conscious and dense. I can do this because I know and love this earthly realm well, and revel in being aware whilst being in my body.


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  • Helen

    Lovely sensitive explaination

    November 08, 2012

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