Needle Ceremony with London Faerie: guest post by Jennie Rehbinder

While he was in Sweden Faerie was delighted to do a Play Piercing Ritual with Jennie Rehbinder, a marvellous sexuality teacher from Stockholm. This is her account of the experience.

London Faerie is such an amazing person! He is fun, got a quick mind and a big heart! And he is really genuine. When he offered to do a needle play healing ceremony with me I felt a BIG YES.

London Faerie started out by asking me about my intention and to be specific. My husband was invited to open the space and to participate as support. London Faerie and I were standing in front of each other and we breathed together. He asked me to make the intention statement four times in each direction. Oh boy, that was a strong opening!

I felt so much trust I just devoted myself completely! He breathed with me and grounded me, stayed in his heart all the way. He has a way of being and looking at you that makes you stay playful with what´s happening during the process. It was such a powerful thing going on, so much energy went through my body. I was standing up but many times it felt like I was going to leave my body flowing upwards, as he put one needle at a time into my skin.

Play Piercing Ritual with London Faerie

Image by Carl Rehbinder

I remember getting visions about what kind of energies I was releasing from my body – emotions stuck from when I was eleven and when I made decisions that has affected my life a lot. A lot of energies went up around my eyes (I´ve been wearing glasses and correcting lenses since I was eleven). I felt strong, beautiful, alive and certain that I deserve to live. I finally felt certain that I have the right to live as anyone else alive. Wow. Big thing for me.

I could feel life supporting me to live my full potential. Yay!

I was high as a kite once all the needles were in. They weren´t many at all, only six or seven, and still it made such a great impact on me! I remember London Faerie putting on trance-inducing music and I was moving and dancing and laughing.

In the end, as I was taking out the needles, I got nauseous. I felt I was going to faint and I wanted to puke (Maybe I did, I don´t remember). But I lay down and just relaxed and it all settled.

Gosh, what an amazing ceremony. Thank you London Faerie. LOVE/Jennie

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