Testimonial: Malika Hampton

I was delighted to receive this testimonial from Malika Hampton. I worked with Malika as a client last year and she has since become a good friend and the producing administrator at Sacred Pleasures.

Quite simply, the sessions I did with Faerie helped to open me up to life. They increased my capacity to receive and express life energy and lift restrictions that had been in place since childhood.

Faerie was a consummate professional throughout the three session series I did with him. He listened carefully and thoroughly to the material I wanted to work on and fed back with love and insight. He reflected things to me no one else had done, with care and love for my wounded child in a way that was entirely new to me.

He worked with my child, adolescent and adult to release what was stopping me from living – from feelings of powerlessness and suffocation as a child, to restricted emotional expression and life force as an adolescent, leading to an inability to set boundaries and say no as an adult. We worked through each level in turn, helping me to open up to receive life, as an innocent, sexual and mature being.

The last session felt very challenging but it resulted in me releasing a store of pent up energy that had been repressed for many, many years. It took me four months to fully integrate the experience of this, but now I find myself absolutely full of life, creativity, emotional energy and love, in a way that I have longed for, for years. A large part of this is due to the work I did with Faerie last year, and I can’t thank him enough for helping me to find, love, express, integrate and live the firey, creative, expressive 7 year old that has been hiding inside me for 28 years.

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