In and out of magical space

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Do you remember the last time you felt deeply connected? When I’m ‘in the zone’ I notice how accurate my intuition is, how simply I speak my truth and how exquisitely everything flows. Life becomes easier and I wonder why I worry so much the rest of the time.

This is ‘magical space’: a state of being in which we relax deeply into presence and being.

The first few times I felt the power and grace of magical space I wanted to stay in it forever. For me those early experiences often happened at Radical Faerie gatherings: 7-10 day long events in which the overarching intention was to share magical space together. It felt unfair and deeply challenging that we had to leave these magical spaces, that the gatherings had to end. Why couldn’t we live like this forever?

A decade on, I understand that the answer to this question is both simple and complex. The simple version is: we can’t. The world we’ve co-created does not allow it: we have to do things like pay our rent and work on spreadsheets, and these are not things we are particularly good at when we’re in magical space.

The more complex version is this: I believe that the human condition is inherently both joyful and painful, and that is how it is meant to be. We are witnesses to our own coming, being and passing, the only animal that knows it’s going to die. This is how it’s supposed to be: our spiritual work on this earthly plane is to find a balance between the perfection of the eternal and the fallibility of the physical. And hopefully to remain compassionate and loving in the process.

The task we’ve been given is, let’s face it, a challenging one. If we go too far one way we become ‘gross’, believing that only the physical is real, with the accompanying existential angst and moral struggles this belief brings. And if we go too far the other way we are ungrounded space cadets, always hankering after the spiritual because we can’t handle life on earth.

So how do we fulfil the challenging, uniquely human feat of achieving a balance? One of the keys, for me, is to get really good at moving in and out of magical space.

Magical spaces come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the magical spaces I’ve enjoyed over the past few years include:

  • Faerie gatherings
  • Tantra & conscious sexuality festivals
  • Sex parties & BDSM playspaces
  • burningman style events
  • Workshops & retreats

These spaces are protected and liminal. They are created and designed to enable us to take off our armour and dismantle the walls that keep us separate from one another. I believe that being in magical space is a way of connecting with my spiritual nature. So naturally I want to get really good at moving into these spaces.

Going in can be its own challenge. To truly enter magical space I need to feel safe enough to get truly naked. Often this takes time, and there’s a palpable shift at these events around the second or third day, as a critical mass of participants ‘arrive’. Welcome home!

Often in these spaces, people are helped and supported to arrive. It makes sense, since the sooner everyone gets there, the deeper and more beautiful the event. But what I’ve noticed is that they are often not as supportive in helping people to leave. Some, like the Osho Leela Festival of Conscious Sexuality, have simple structures on the last day to bring the energy down and help people ground; but even there, the sadness of disconnecting isn’t addressed as a ‘thing’, and this can result in people crashing a bit afterwards. Sometimes this crash can put people off re-entering magical space for a while, or ever: after the bliss of being hyper-connected it’s tough to feel separate again.

And yet this is exactly what we need to do: to get supple and flexible at moving in and out of magical space. Because this, for me, is the essence of being human. We are both wave and particle, both contiguous with All That Is and separate from everything that isn’t ‘me’. We cannot escape this reality because it’s at the heart of the human condition.

So instead of running away, I recommend getting good at moving between the physical and the spiritual. I recommend developing mastery in this practice because it helps us to become more human.

What I notice these days is that I move quickly into magical space and I am able to leave it without too much misery. It hurts to separate but I embrace the pain as part of the process. And this makes me want to go in and out again and again. On average I spend at least a couple of days each month in magical space, and often more.

I’ve also noticed that embracing the transitions means I’m better at moving into magical space in an ad-hoc way. I do so in most client sessions, because that’s how I’m able to do what I do. But I also find that sometimes an afternoon hanging out with a friend, or a night with a lover, becomes a magical space. All that practice at moving in and out means that I’m able to do so more easily, more casually, more often.

I also believe that mastering the transition between magical space and the everyday helps us to appreciate both much, much more. When we are expanded and connected we revel in it without fear, knowing that when we have to contract again it’ll be OK. And when we are contracted and separate we get on with what we need to do, knowing that we can expand again soon.

In the end I’d go even further: I believe that moving in and out of magical space is a life skill that enriches our capacity to be ‘between the worlds’, and I highly recommend cultivating it. Not only does it enhance the magical spaces themselves; it opens up the possibility of more magic in every area of our lives.

Faerie teaches at the Osho Leela Conscious Sexuality Festival, one of his favourite magical spaces, in October. Find out more >>


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