Coaching: testimonial from Death Cafe founder Jon Underwood

I am simply delighted to receive this warm and enthusiastic testimonial from Jon Underwood, founder of the wildly successful and ground-breaking international project Death Café.

I have now had 2 coaching sessions with Faerie, both just before commencing some of the most important ventures of my life. Both of these have been extremely useful and I cannot recommend Faerie as a coach and mentor highly enough.

In his coaching I have found Faerie to offer a well-developed combination of skills. Foremost is his ability to be a present listener. I felt he was totally there for me and I could say whatever was on my mind without worrying about him becoming judgemental or disengaged. This enabled me to be honest with myself and vocalise some things that were too scary for me to have uttered aloud before. In doing this I felt totally held and safe.

Faerie was not just a passive listener. He has an amazing intuition, which seemed to enable him to say things I needed to hear at any given time. Faerie has a formidable intellect and is extremely well read giving him a deep well of resources on which to draw. Faerie is well networked with some amazing people and is happy to pass on contacts. Importantly, Faerie is very practical and realistic and I found all his reflections grounded in good common sense.

In his coaching sessions Faerie generously offered me these gifts in a very skilful way. The whole experience was liberating, energising and extremely practically useful. Again I cannot recommend Faerie as a coach and mentor highly enough. He offers extremely good value and I’m very much looking forward to our next session.


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