Beautiful new testimonials

I was delighted recently to receive these beautiful testimonials from clients in London and Prague.

The sessions with Faerie were my first experience with the conscious approach to the so-called “dark sides” of our sexuality. My body carried quite heavy and unhappy experiences from my sexual past, so it was quite challenging to open this “Pandora´s Box” and face all the darkness again. But this time I was not alone in there: Faerie’s hand was there to hold me if I needed to be held, caressing me if I needed to be caressed and stopping doing everything if I said STOP. It was Faerie’s openness and kindness that allowed me slowly to open more and more so that the healing of the past could happen – in a totally safe place. Faerie’s totally respect for my shame, his playfulness with all the faces and masks I put on and his ability to be totally present for everything that was happening accompanied me on this quite-challenging path back to the sacred space of our innocence, back to mySelf.

The healing happened not only at the level of experience but also at the level of cognition. Huge changes in my life happened through the “re-programming” myself after talking with Faerie because he gave me fresh perspectives on situations and things.

The meetings with Faerie brought these great gifts to my life and I take them with me into every day of my life. The experiences I had during sessions with Faerie are another piece of the mandala of my life that glows now so differently than before.

Thank you, Faerie. – Katerina, Prague

“Thank you” hardly feels like enough, but for the lack of a better word – THANK YOU!

Thank you for looking and really seeing! Thank you for your impeccability in recognising that which needs “seeing”.

And again I really honour you for the work you have done along your own journey! I recognise that dedication which is evident in your mastery of your “craft”! – Donna, London


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  • Toby

    Hello Faerie,

    I wanted to thank you and Marti for the way you held your workshops at Leela last week.

    I felt safe and confident to explore my own desires, and to work with others, under your well planned, calm, focused presence.

    It allowed a very deep desire to come to the surface that I wasn’t even considering at the time, and though unsexual, it was what my being needed to express at the time to feel well.

    I’ve also been curious to notice how calm and connected I have felt since getting to the root need of an angry sexual energy which has troubled me most of my life. I finally saw the innocent (but normally confusing) desire behind it whilst at Leela and I was also lucky enough to find someone to play it out with…. such wonderful, interesting medicine!

    Best wishes to you kind, brave people.

    August 18, 2016

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