Testimonial – training with Marti & I

I was delighted to receive this testimonial recently from someone who did a one-to-one kink training session with Marti & I:

My training session with Faerie and Marti, was a great choice, after a coaching session and the Purple Door workshop. This session was to practice taking the Dominant role in kink play, after we’d identified this as an area where I had some work to do on self acceptance.

I’ve been processing the effects of our session for months after, and the impact on my life has been profound. Learning to embrace my Dominant side, to give myself permission to desire, hold, and enjoy power, has carried over into daily life in so many ways. It’s been a big confidence booster, not just in the bedroom.

Tuning into other people’s energy and holding space are skills that come naturally to me, but for a long time this was a burden, it felt like hard work, rather than something that is mutually empowering. The way that Faerie and Marti keep things light and fun and sexy helped me to experience joy instead of anxiety in when holding power and responsibility over another.

And of course Marti on her knees looking up at me, is simply gorgeous. What a powerful woman. Respect to her for letting me learn. Faerie coaching me but also leaving plenty of room for me to figure things out for myself, first, provided a very safe learning space. Because Marti and Faerie are tuned into each other so well, they created a relaxed, safe, and intimate mood. They complement each other’s teaching.

I feel empowered, learned some new practical skills, and I got to have a good time with lovely people, it was fun and sexy. Thank you!

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