Away for the Winter, back in the Spring

In April I went to Peru for a one-month sabbatical. During this time I worked with the traditional medicine of the Amazon, a powerful healing plant that opened the door to new possibilities and understandings.

I thought this trip would give me some answers about the future of my work and of Sacred Pleasures. In fact what I was shown was that this was just the beginning of a longer, deeper journey with the medicine. It also reminded me of my passionate love of the Peruvian Andes: one of the few places I’ve been on the planet that truly feels like home. I won a trip to Macchu Pichu in 2015 and this was my first taste of these celestial mountains, with a clear message from Life that I must spend more time there. The trip this April reminded me how alive and connected I feel up there.

Pisac, Sacred Valley Peru

It was clear to me at the end of the trip that I needed to go back to Peru. I thought this would be a year later, but then three things happened to loosen my connection with London. My partner and I broke up right after my Peru trip, a close friend asked for some space and my best friend died – all within a few weeks of each other. This invited me to consider changing not only how I do things but where I base myself.

In response to these gifts I have decided to travel for the whole of the coming winter. I will head out to Peru in late November for a further 7-week sabbatical to continue my healing journey with the plants and my love affair with those magical mountains. Then I’ll be back for a week before flying to Australia and New Zealand for my first chance to present my work there.

I feel incredibly excited about this opportunity to avoid the cool wet European winter and to get out of London at a time I’ve found difficult to live through in the past. It feels like the right thing for me to do and I’m really thrilled that Life has enabled it.

But what, you’re wondering, are the implications of this for my work? I’ve been thinking carefully about this and I definitely want to continue offering my services while I’m travelling, though in a more limited capacity. So this is how it’s going to play out.

Peru (24th Nov 17 – 14th Jan 18)

While in Peru I’ll be available for Zoom coaching sessions with select clients. I’ll give priority to existing clients and I’ll also be delighted to take on new clients where appropriate. Zoom coaching is every bit as powerful and effective as working face-to-face and I feel confident that I’ll be able to serve you beautifully from wherever I am.

One consideration will be the availability of fast stable Internet, which can be a bit limited in Peru – however I should be quite able to accommodate this using a local 3G/4G data card and making sure I’m somewhere with a decent signal for sessions.

I’ll be doing at least two 10-day retreats during my trip so my availability will be limited and I may need to book sessions at somewhat shorter notice than usual. However with these things in mind I’ll be delighted to work with you over Zoom while I’m in Peru.

Australia & New Zealand (23rd Jan – 16th Mar 18)

While in Australia and New Zealand I’ll be facilitating workshops at two festivals, offering workshops of my own in Melbourne and collaborating with the wonderful Ellie Wilde for a retreat near Auckland. I’ll also be available for face-to-face coaching and pleasure sessions in each location when I’m there.

My schedule is still being firmed up but this is what it’s likely to look like:

26 Jan – 3 Feb: participating in the Festival of Really Good Sex (nr Sydney)
5 & 6 Feb: sessions in Sydney
7 – 11 Feb: evening classes and workshops in Melbourne (tbc)
13 – 17 Feb: sessions in Melbourne
2 – 4 Mar: participating in the Eden Festival (Auckland)
6 & 7 Mar: sessions in Auckland
9 – 14 Mar: The Garden retreat with Ellie Wilde (nr Auckland)

In addition I’ll be available for Zoom coaching sessions throughout my trip. Although I’m looking forward to revisiting these two beautiful countries that I love, this is first and foremost a work trip and I’ll be available to book sessions throughout my time there.

So this is what my winter looks like this year. I’m very excited about it. If you happen to be in Australia or New Zealand I would love you to join me for a festival or workshop — and if you want to work over Skype, please be in touch through my contact form to arrange that.

Return to UK next Spring

When I come back to the UK in late March I’ll be leading The Purple Door for its last ever London outing. This will be my 14th time leading this workshop, which I’ve delivered (both solo and with Marti) in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Prague since its inception in January 2013. It is time to retire this classic workshop. The last London edition will be on 24/25 March and I’ll be taking it on a ‘retirement tour’ around Europe later in 2018.

Then in April I’m very excited to work with the legendary Dossie Easton on a week-long retreat called Dancing in the Dark. It’s been a dream of mine for some time to create this deep shadow-healing space with Dossie – and I was utterly delighted to discover that it’s her first time leading a week-long retreat. This is going to be an epic, once-in-a-lifetime experience for a group of up to 40 brave explorers – if you’re interested in attending I recommend applying early as it’s likely to be very popular. Find out more and apply to attend here >>

The long-term future of Sacred Pleasures is still unclear and I’m looking forward to receiving more insights about this as I go on the road this winter. To find out more about our short-term plans, please read this blog post on the SP website >>

If you have any questions about my trip away this Winter, please get in touch. And if you’d like to work with me, either before I leave for the Winter or while I’m on the road, please complete the New Client Enquiry Form.


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