About Newman

I’m a sexual adventurer and spiritual seeker with a passion for empowering people to be all that they are. I believe that those who seek the life they want are kinder, happier, more abundant people. My work is about helping you to seek the life you want.

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London Faerie, Purveyor of Authentic Desire

I offer workshops and individual sessions focussed on sex and relationships. My approach emphasises creativity, authenticity, communication and boundaries. I shine a light into the darker corners of conscious sexuality: non-monogamy, kink and play parties. Exploring these areas with awareness helps you to discover and follow your authentic desire, both in and out of the bedroom.

My practice is wide-ranging, drawing from BDSM, shamanic healing, coaching, psychodrama and Tantra. I’ve been practising and learning for over 10 years, and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to my sessions. More about sessions >>

I’ve trained with some of the best educators and practitioners in the world, including Dossie Easton, Barbara Carrellas and Joseph Kramer.  More about my training >>

I am based in London most of the time. I visit Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and Prague once or twice a year for sessions and workshops. See my schedule >>

As well as offering sessions, I’m the founder and leader of Sacred Pleasures. Sacred Pleasures offers workshops and events exploring personal growth, sacred sex, Ecstatic BDSM and sex-positive community. Discover Sacred Pleasures (external link) >>

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