Friends & associates

  • Arielle (London) – intelligent, sensitive and sexy London-based Dominant
  • Catherine Hale (Devon & London) – shamanic sexual healer, sexological bodyworker and trauma practitioner
  • Sir Claire Black (London) – professional Dominant – “There are many routes to ecstasy, I’ll take you the dark and dirty one”
  • Jason Tantra (Bristol) – outstanding Tantric massage for men who love men
  • Katie Sarra (Devon) – sex and relationship therapist, Sexological Bodyworker, Tantra teacher and erotic artist: “Witnessing you in your naturalness”
  • Kian de la Cour (Devon) – Sex coaching and erotic bodywork
  • Kristina J (Yorkshire) – tall, elegant escort and Tantric Domina based in Huddersfield
  • Marti (London) – an outstanding female Dominant offering sessions in London
  • Magic Heart Tantra (London) – outstanding Tantric and lomi lomi massage
  • Meredith Reynolds (London) – somatic sex educator and geeky Certified Sexological Bodyworker
  • Olivia Fitzgerald (London) – Dominant Courtesan and Travel Companion of brains and beauty
  • Sarah Rose Bright (Liverpool, Manchester & Skype) –  Somatic Sex & Pleasure Coaching & Education
  • Sofia Skydancer (often in London) – intimate, beautiful heart-centred Tantric Massage
  • Stella (London) – Sexological Bodywork and the Art of Touch for Physical and Sexual Wellbeing
  • Tara Bliss (London, Bristol) – erotic escapades and ecstatic encounters
  • Violet Rose (London, Edinburgh, Berlin) – old school courtesan with thoroughly modern values

  • Magic Hands Massage (Orgiva) – outstanding Tantric and lomi lomi massage in Spain
  • Marlen (Berlin) – remarkable sensual Dominant & world-class bondage top
  • Stella (The Hague) – beautiful and sensual Tantric Domina in Holland
  • Wilrieke (Utrecht) – an outstanding practitioner offering coaching, cuddles and intimacy for men, women and couples

  • Caffyn Jesse (Vancouver) – somatic sex educator supporting your journey to erotic wholeness
  • Cléo Dubois (San Francisco) – world class BDSM teacher, initiator and ritualist in San Francisco (also here)
  • Drew Lawson (Bali, Skype) – intimacy coaching and somatic sexology

All of these therapists are kink and poly friendly, so you won’t need to pay for their education!

  • Avanti (Skype) – life-changing psychic coaching over Skype / Zoom
  • DK Leather (Midlands, Skype) – psychotherapist and coach with vast experience in alternative lifestyles (poly, kink, tantra, shaman & LGBTQ)
  • Dossie Easton (San Francisco) – psychotherapist of choice to the Bay Area kink community
  • Henry Strick (London, Skype) – psychotherapy to help you live, love and relate
  • Naomi West (London) – an outstanding somatic coach using the Grinberg Method to liberate your body and mind
  • Shadow Affirmative (Brighton, Skype) – kink-positive psychotherapist and ritual magician

  • Osho Leela Conscious Sexuality Festival (Dorset) – the original and much copied Conscious Sexuality festival, curated and led by members of this intense Osho community
  • Tantra4Gay Men festival (Glastonbury) – the UK’s only Tantra festival for gay men, curated and led by Jason & Ingo
  • The Summerhouse (Norfolk) – a wonderfully playful, creative annual sex-positive retreat for exploring intimacy, connection and self-expression
  • The Winterhouse (Kent) – the winter edition of The Summerhouse, a cosy intimate event to celebrate the end of Winter
  • Wonderlust (Helsinki) – Finland’s progressive and inclusive sexuality festival
  • Xplore (Berlin, Rome, Copenhagen) – the festival on the art of lust, curated and hosted by Schwelle7 – a remarkable and unique space

  • Anchored in Grace (online) – a weekly online course to help you tune into your spirit and live in grace
  • Body Play (central Europe) – playfighting and rough body play from Frank & Sheila, two of my favourite kinky teachers
  • Diamond Light Tantra (UK) – one of the UK’s longest-running Tantra schools, led by Leora Lightwoman
  • Elaine Young (UK) – a powerful teacher combining Shamanic Breathwork, Sexological Bodywork and Tantra in a unique way
  • Gayatri’s Tantra Massage Training (UK) – a transformative course in Tantra Massage, led by my dear friend and colleague Gayatri
  • Jan Day (UK) – a leading Tantra teacher, offering transformational 12- to 18-month trainings
  • Laura-Doe Harris’ yOniversity (online)  – workshops and a DVD about female arousal and pleasure
  • Queer Hearted (UK) – queer conscious sex workshops and events led by Amanda Gay-Love
  • Ruby Luna May (UK, central & northern Europe) – one of Europe’s leading teachers of sexuality & consciousness, an ally and close friend
  • Sacred Pleasures (UK) – the community and school I founded, a unique combination of personal transformation, sex-positive community and conscious kink
  • Sea School of Embodiment (UK) – international sexuality trainings and workshops for personal and professional development
  • The Sound of Birch (UK & Europe) – personal empowerment for women through BDSM, led by my close friend and colleague Marti
  • Sy & Ash (UK) – a wonderful couple offering retreats and individual sessions to help you be more
  • Tantra4GayMen (UK) – a UK Tantra school for gay men led by the marvellous Jason & Ingo

  • Bloodwood Accounting (London) – unusual accounting for creative and sex-positive businesses
  • David Bloom (Berlin) – marvellous choreo-pornographer and workshop facilitator based in Berlin
  • Lipstick Lori (online) – sex positive blogging
  • Matt Christie (London) – photographer of models and sex workers
  • Miss Morphic (London) – videos you don’t want yo Mamma to see
  • Myles Jackman (London) – award winning obscenity law advice from the sexual freedoms specialist
  • Sacred Eros (online) – a select directory for sacred sexuality and tantra sessions, articles and workshops
  • Shokti Lovestar – a deep, heartfelt blog exploring queer mystical emergence (also here)
  • Vina Green Erotica (online) – erotic writer of pervy tales

A very big thank you to Matt, Lori and Belle Lettriste for the fabulous images on this website.

  • Dossie Easton – psychotherapist, pervert, ethical slut
  • Fakir Musafar – the original Modern Primitive
  • Joseph Kramer – founder of sexological bodywork and the world’s leading teacher of erotic massage
  • Nancy Kline – giving people Time To Think for over 15 years
  • M. Scott Peck – demonstrating the strength in our vulnerability

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