Time Out Coverage, Nov 2011

In November 2011 I was covered in Time Out London as part of an article about the Sex Worker Open University. This is what they wrote:

London Faerie in Time Out, Nov 2011London Faerie, 38, BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) practitioner

‘My name comes from a web handle that I used on a fetish site but last year I decided to call myself London Faerie for all areas of my life. The only time I don’t use it is with my family and talking to the electric company! I use a method called sacred kink, which is similar to tantra: it allows us to move energy, experience altered states of consciousness and do deep healing inside ourselves.

‘With BDSM, if we’re feeling some aggression towards a person, that’s the worst time to be beating them. We should only be beating someone when we’re feeling love for them. What we’re talking about is consensual BDSM. For example, when I negotiate with a client I do it in advance over email so they’re not under any pressure and also we’ve got it in writing to refer back to. If they had said they didn’t want you to spank their bottom and then in the middle of a fantasy they say “Spank my bottom,” I’d decline because that’s not a consent they’re giving with full consciousness.

‘I run a space in Hackney Wick called Sacred Pleasures. Our intention is to create a place where people can let go of shame and experience as much pleasure as possible. I also run a workshop called “Whipping up a storm” that teaches people to do BDSM. Often I do “impact play” – that is spanking, flogging and caning, which a lot of people are intrigued by, but if they haven’t done it before they either go too fast and cause a lot of pain or they go too soft. I teach them how to ride the body’s waves of pleasure. I demonstrate that on someone. It’s quite technical. I went into BDSM looking for pleasure in my twenties and I discovered it could also be a place for healing and opening up my heart.’

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