Newman’s calendar

From January 2018 I am living nomadically. Below you’ll find details of my travel plans and when I’ll be in a city near you.

I can usually accommodate Zoom coaching sessions wherever I am, subject to a decent Internet connection and compatible time zones.

Sessions are typically booked at least a week in advance.

To book a session please click on the button below

Workshops at Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex (Australia)
Jan 26 – Feb 2 all-day

I’m very excited to present at the innovative Festival of Really Good Sex near Sydney, Australia. The festival started life as a three-day urban event, but this year it’s going to be an epic eight-day residential. This is going to be hot stuff! Find out more and book >>

Eden Festival (Auckland, New Zealand)
Mar 2 – Mar 4 all-day

I am delighted to offer workshops, both individually and with Ellie Wilde, at this year’s Eden Festival, NZ’s annual Tantra and conscious sexuality gathering

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