BDSM training for couples: testimonial from Kendall & Cupcake

My partner and I recently had a 5-hour kink coaching session with Faerie, and we came away from it enriched in so many ways. His CV was impressive, and he still managed to exceed our hopes. He began by asking a few questions to really gauge our level of expertise (advanced beginners) and what we were looking for, and he truly delivered a session that was on the leading edge of our learning desire and ability, and focused on what we had asked for (namely refining our technical kink skills and learning about the complete unfolding of a scene).

His spoken introduction about theory filled many gaps and connected many dots for us. Then he gave us both (we switch) some coaching on using the various tools of pain and joy that he has. We came away with a much deeper understanding of how to wield them. We also learned to give effective feedback to each other. He then coached us on how to negotiate and start a scene, how to keep the most effective balance of pleasure and “strong stimulation”, and how to conclude a scene. That also included a mini-session led by him, giving us a real taste of what a whole scene looks and feels like.

Great job, Faerie. We took away enough to practice for a few months, and we look forward to doing another session to take things to an even deeper, richer level. – Kendall and Cupcake

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Testimonial – training with Marti & I

I was delighted to receive this testimonial recently from someone who did a one-to-one kink training session with Marti & I:

My training session with Faerie and Marti, was a great choice, after a coaching session and the Purple Door workshop. This session was to practice taking the Dominant role in kink play, after we’d identified this as an area where I had some work to do on self acceptance.

I’ve been processing the effects of our session for months after, and the impact on my life has been profound. Learning to embrace my Dominant side, to give myself permission to desire, hold, and enjoy power, has carried over into daily life in so many ways. It’s been a big confidence booster, not just in the bedroom.

Tuning into other people’s energy and holding space are skills that come naturally to me, but for a long time this was a burden, it felt like hard work, rather than something that is mutually empowering. The way that Faerie and Marti keep things light and fun and sexy helped me to experience joy instead of anxiety in when holding power and responsibility over another.

And of course Marti on her knees looking up at me, is simply gorgeous. What a powerful woman. Respect to her for letting me learn. Faerie coaching me but also leaving plenty of room for me to figure things out for myself, first, provided a very safe learning space. Because Marti and Faerie are tuned into each other so well, they created a relaxed, safe, and intimate mood. They complement each other’s teaching.

I feel empowered, learned some new practical skills, and I got to have a good time with lovely people, it was fun and sexy. Thank you!

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Beautiful new testimonials

I was delighted recently to receive these beautiful testimonials from clients in London and Prague.

The sessions with Faerie were my first experience with the conscious approach to the so-called “dark sides” of our sexuality. My body carried quite heavy and unhappy experiences from my sexual past, so it was quite challenging to open this “Pandora´s Box” and face all the darkness again. But this time I was not alone in there: Faerie’s hand was there to hold me if I needed to be held, caressing me if I needed to be caressed and stopping doing everything if I said STOP. It was Faerie’s openness and kindness that allowed me slowly to open more and more so that the healing of the past could happen – in a totally safe place. Faerie’s totally respect for my shame, his playfulness with all the faces and masks I put on and his ability to be totally present for everything that was happening accompanied me on this quite-challenging path back to the sacred space of our innocence, back to mySelf.

The healing happened not only at the level of experience but also at the level of cognition. Huge changes in my life happened through the “re-programming” myself after talking with Faerie because he gave me fresh perspectives on situations and things.

The meetings with Faerie brought these great gifts to my life and I take them with me into every day of my life. The experiences I had during sessions with Faerie are another piece of the mandala of my life that glows now so differently than before.

Thank you, Faerie. – Katerina, Prague

“Thank you” hardly feels like enough, but for the lack of a better word – THANK YOU!

Thank you for looking and really seeing! Thank you for your impeccability in recognising that which needs “seeing”.

And again I really honour you for the work you have done along your own journey! I recognise that dedication which is evident in your mastery of your “craft”! – Donna, London


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Coaching: testimonial from Death Cafe founder Jon Underwood

I am simply delighted to receive this warm and enthusiastic testimonial from Jon Underwood, founder of the wildly successful and ground-breaking international project Death Café.

I have now had 2 coaching sessions with Faerie, both just before commencing some of the most important ventures of my life. Both of these have been extremely useful and I cannot recommend Faerie as a coach and mentor highly enough.

In his coaching I have found Faerie to offer a well-developed combination of skills. Foremost is his ability to be a present listener. I felt he was totally there for me and I could say whatever was on my mind without worrying about him becoming judgemental or disengaged. This enabled me to be honest with myself and vocalise some things that were too scary for me to have uttered aloud before. In doing this I felt totally held and safe.

Faerie was not just a passive listener. He has an amazing intuition, which seemed to enable him to say things I needed to hear at any given time. Faerie has a formidable intellect and is extremely well read giving him a deep well of resources on which to draw. Faerie is well networked with some amazing people and is happy to pass on contacts. Importantly, Faerie is very practical and realistic and I found all his reflections grounded in good common sense.

In his coaching sessions Faerie generously offered me these gifts in a very skilful way. The whole experience was liberating, energising and extremely practically useful. Again I cannot recommend Faerie as a coach and mentor highly enough. He offers extremely good value and I’m very much looking forward to our next session.

Testimonial: Malika Hampton

I was delighted to receive this testimonial from Malika Hampton. I worked with Malika as a client last year and she has since become a good friend and the producing administrator at Sacred Pleasures.

Quite simply, the sessions I did with Faerie helped to open me up to life. They increased my capacity to receive and express life energy and lift restrictions that had been in place since childhood.

Faerie was a consummate professional throughout the three session series I did with him. He listened carefully and thoroughly to the material I wanted to work on and fed back with love and insight. He reflected things to me no one else had done, with care and love for my wounded child in a way that was entirely new to me.

He worked with my child, adolescent and adult to release what was stopping me from living – from feelings of powerlessness and suffocation as a child, to restricted emotional expression and life force as an adolescent, leading to an inability to set boundaries and say no as an adult. We worked through each level in turn, helping me to open up to receive life, as an innocent, sexual and mature being.

The last session felt very challenging but it resulted in me releasing a store of pent up energy that had been repressed for many, many years. It took me four months to fully integrate the experience of this, but now I find myself absolutely full of life, creativity, emotional energy and love, in a way that I have longed for, for years. A large part of this is due to the work I did with Faerie last year, and I can’t thank him enough for helping me to find, love, express, integrate and live the firey, creative, expressive 7 year old that has been hiding inside me for 28 years.

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