Coaching and mentoring

I’m here to help you fulfil your potential and get the most out of your life. Coaching offers you a space to look at what you really want and discover what’s holding you back. Through a combination of deep focussed listening, gentle questioning and tender insights, I’ll help you to see the wood for the trees and move forward in a compassionately empowered way.

Surrendered Empowerment (for individuals)
Whatever you’re trying to do, I support you to take a deep look at it so you can feel more aware and more empowered as you move forward. Find out more >>

Our coaching session cut through 12 weeks of normal therapy to get answers and results … I am now able to choose only nourishing and important relations and say no to the unimportant ones with grace. – K.C.

Non-Monogamy (for individuals & couples)
Is it time to open up a relationship or make your non-monogamy stronger and more conscious? I’m delighted to work with individuals and couples who want to explore new relationship structures. Find out more >>

We’re both enjoying the best sex of our lives and it is in no small part to having our session with you. – T & M, Dublin

Practitioner coaching & supervision
As a practitioner or facilitator in the young field of ‘conscious sexuality’, we’re often confronted by challenging and complex situations. With many years experience as a practitioner and practitioner’s mentor, I support you to figure out what’s right for you – for the benefit of both you and your clients. Find out more >>

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