Surrendered Empowerment: coaching for individuals

Newman really gets where you’re at and where you’re headed and they can lightly hold your hand through all the messy parts in between. They bring deep wisdom, timely humour, a warm bath of love and much more to the sessions. I highly recommend (a block of) sessions with them – give yourself the gift! – Bayari Lou Beegan

London Faerie was deeply instrumental in helping me learn to value my work when I started being self-employed – Santi, Rumpus

Where am I?
Where do I want to be?
What’s holding me back?
What steps can I take right now to go there?

In a Surrendered Empowerment coaching session we explore these questions together. (Why “Surrendered Empowerment”? Read more here.)

You have all the wisdom and awareness you need to answer these questions – and it’s much easier to do so when someone else is there to support you. My approach involves a lot of listening, some gentle questioning, lovingly-delivered insights and advice where appropriate. Above all I create a space for your own wisdom to flourish, because you always know best what’s right for you.

Over the years, I’ve worked with people on a host of different themes and topics, including:

  • starting / developing your own business
  • daring to follow your dreams
  • activating more personal power
  • increasing your erotic potential
  • finding more suitable partners and lovers
  • increasing your sensitivity and intuition
  • becoming more spiritually connected

It’s natural to feel scared when you go to the edge of your comfort zone (or beyond) – in fact, it’s a clear indicator that you’re daring to challenge yourself and go beyond the familiar and the known. In a grounded and practical way I help you resource yourself to follow your dreams.

I’m good at spotting the self-created barriers and limiting beliefs that stop you from imagining yourself in a better place. With love and compassion I help you let go of limitations so you can move towards what you really want. At the same time I honour those limitations that are still protecting you and give a framework for moving through challenges step by step.

Drawing on my wide experience and extensive network I signpost you to books, courses and practitioners to support you as you move towards your goals.

Coaching sessions take place either face-to-face in London or over Skype anywhere in the world.

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If you want to go deeper, I offer ongoing mentoring for select clients. If this is something you’d like to explore please mention it to me when you get in touch. If you are a new client we always start with a coaching session, to see where you are on your journey and how I can best support you.

I asked Faerie to work with me this year, as a mentor and companion to discuss and improve my confidence in myself along with my ability to interact with others from a position of assertiveness and mindfulness. Faerie’s combination of emotional and intellectual intelligence was invaluable to me and I feel that I have grown significantly during the course of the past year. I’m very happy with the time I spent with Faerie. – Daf

I would describe your coaching session as cutting through 12 weeks of normal therapy to get answers and results. I really had never been fully seen before, and that I could trust you in such an emotionally naked experience. Just having you so clearly connect my past and my present was enough to kickstart me practicing much healthier self awareness in relationships. I am now able to choose only nourishing and important relations and say no to the unimportant ones with grace. – K.C.

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