Sessions for individuals

Quite simply, the sessions I did with Faerie helped to open me up to life. They increased my capacity to receive and express life energy and lift restrictions that had been in place since childhood. – Malika Hampton (read the full account here >>)

How much do you embrace life and live your truth? Are you ready to discover what you want and welcome it in?

I believe that we’re here to enjoy life. Yet most people struggle to live this belief and to create a life that feels both authentic and good for themselves.

I offer sessions that support you to move towards the life you want. I call this ’authentic desire’: discovering what it is you truly wish for and opening up to allow it in.

My sessions range from coaching and mentoring, where we look together at your goals and how to achieve them, to BDSM play sessions, where you explore hidden desires and play out kinky fantasies.

I felt a blossoming in the session … veils dropping, essence flowing … this energy filled me up and I let go of old ego trips and fears. You whispered to me ” the more juicy you are, the more connected you are” and this totally rung true … yes! That’s the key … inhibition dropped and I allowed myself to feel the utterly juicy me. It was such a celebration of me as a sensual, sexual being. Thank you for holding me throughout with such grace, presence and love. – Bayari Beegan

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