Erotic and Kinky Pleasure Sessions

Newman Alexander, Kinky Sex Worker in LondonWith over 15 years’ experience in BDSM (including seven as a practitioner), I’m perfectly poised to give you a profound experience of conscious kink. Your kink session with me is entirely focussed on your pleasure: I create a space where you can explore your desires in a safe, boundaried way.

The Pleasure Session (for individuals and couples)

What could be more exciting than exploring your kinky pleasure with a highly experienced Dominant? In a Pleasure Session I take you on an unforgettable BDSM journey: your desires and boundaries are the map so you can let go and enjoy the ride. Find out more >>

Light-headed through sheer ecstasy and orgasmic bliss, i barely remember the words i gushed about how amazing the session was, how much it completely exceeded my expectations. – Saskia

Kinky Training (for individuals and couples)

BDSM is an artform, an advanced form of sex that takes time and practice to get really good at. Accelerate your journey to mastery with a Kinky Training session. Find out more >>

We recently had a 5-hour kink training session with Newman, and we came away from it enriched in so many ways. We took away enough to practice for a few months, and we look forward to doing another session to take things to an even deeper, richer level. – Kendall and Cupcake

The Kinky Immersion (for individuals and couples)

Some of you just can’t come to London to see me, so I created the Kinky Immersion to make it possible for you to see me where you are. The Immersion is a three-day adventure: I come to where you live and stay nearby, giving you a session or two each day either at your home or in my hotel room. It’s an unforgettable deep dive into BDSM for the discerning client or couple. Find out more >>

Make Your Sexy Dreams Come True (for individuals and couples)

Do you have a desire or fantasy you’re longing to fulfil? Please allow me and my partner Cecilie, a beautiful Danish sex worker, to make your sexy dreams come true. Over the course of this four-hour session we’ll help you to realise your desire, however unusual or forbidden it might feel. It’s an exquisite way to bring something precious into life, lovingly held with compassion, care and impeccable consent by two experienced professionals. Find out more >>

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