Kinky Pleasure Sessions in London

Afterwards as I walked through the streets, the lights seemed much brighter and clearer, my vision was sharp, and I could hear the fizz and whir of the electrical lines by the train station. I was part of the world in a way I had never been before – so wholly connected and yet distinct and separate. – Olivia Fitzgerald

After the session I was ready to take on anything with gusto, enthusiasm and love for life … you walloped me open!  – Ma Deva Tara

Have you ever wished for sex that’s rougher, nastier or more dominating? Do you get turned on by the thought of being spanked, whipped or told what to do? Do you secretly dream of being tied up and teased?

Although it’s slowly gaining acceptability, kinky sex (also known as BDSM) is still something of a taboo. So if you’re looking at this page – congratulations! You’re brave enough to explore your desires even if they feel unusual or a little shameful.

Kinky Pleasure sessions are a wonderful way to explore your BDSM desires in a loving and boundaried way. With a strong focus on consent and a caring attitude before, during and after the session, I promise to take you there and bring you back safely.

Faerie really has a magical way with the flogger. He knows how to push your limits while totally respecting them, and that’s a rare thing … I went to a very nice place indeed and was brought back down to earth very safely. – Belle

With over 15 years of experience in BDSM, I can offer you many experiences, including (but not limited to):

  • sensual and erotic domination
  • spanking, whipping, caning and other forms of pleasure/pain
  • erotic role play
  • rough body play and playfighting
  • wax and fire play
  • kinky rituals using fire, pegs, needles or other tools
  • fantasy non-consent (rape) play
  • headfuck and humiliation play
  • formal Dom/sub role play and erotic service

The tone and style of the scene is very much up to you. I can play right across the spectrum, from tender to mean, from honouring to debasing. We start each session with a well-structured negotiation, where I tease out exactly what you want from your session and establish your boundaries. This conversation provides us with a map of the territory we’ll be exploring, as defined by you. And then you can just surrender and let me take control.

I still cannot find the right words to thank you for the fabulous session that we had on Monday. I tried to recall if I’ve ever experienced something so profound, intimate and blissful. I have to admit, I could not remember. Thank you very much for everything that you’ve done for me. – Klára Pavlíková

Kinky Pleasure sessions last 2, 3 or 4 hours and take place at my fully-equipped studio in Dalston, East London. They’re an ideal way to explore your BDSM desires, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned player. Dive in with me for a satisfying, rich and powerful experience of BDSM.

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