The Overnighter (Kink, Cuddles, Chats & Breakfast)

You sometimes want to relish that special feeling for a bit longer. I created The Overnighter for exactly this reason: an extended session where we play and then you sleep over at my studio. It’s an indulgent combination of Kink, Cuddles, Chats and Breakfast for the discerning client who wants it all.

The Overnighter creates a ‘kinky boyfriend experience’ that makes your desires easy to welcome and integrate. We explore your pleasure in a structured and boundaried way, and afterwards we spend time hanging out and getting to know each other better.

A typical Overnighter looks like this: you arrive at the studio in the early evening, typically around 6pm. Once you’ve settled in we have the usual pre-play chat: I ask you about what you want to explore, we talk in detail about your boundaries and we cover any questions you may have. Then there’s time for you to take a shower, change into different clothes and the play begins.

With less time constraints than a usual session we can explore more deeply, whether you’re into sensual domination, spanking and whipping, rough play, erotic fantasy or something else from my wide palate of offerings. Everything from a Kinky Pleasure session is available here – with time to dive deeper if you want to. It’s a spacious way to explore your BDSM desires, knowing that you don’t have to go anywhere afterwards.

Most play sessions have a natural end, typically lasting between 90 minutes and 2 hours (though sometimes they go on a bit longer.) When the moment comes, we wind things down and I check in with you about what you need. This might be a glass of water and some chocolate, a cuddle, some soft music or something else. The moment right after the session is precious, time and space to enjoy the afterglow of what you’ve just experienced.

After a little while and when it feels right for you, I fix us a snack and there’s time to chat. Often this is a wonderful opportunity for you to share more about your kinky desires: you’ll feel relaxed, expanded and open after the experience we’ve shared.

When you’re ready I make up a bed for you. It’s up to you if you want me to cuddle you to sleep or bask in your own company. I typically sleep next door in my own room, but I’m also available to cuddle you all night if you want me to. Every part of The Overnighter is flexible, designed to meet your needs and desires moment to moment.

In the morning I get up and make us breakfast. After a good night’s sleep you may have more insights, including where you’d like to take things next. Sometimes your dreams give you clues both about your kinky desires and your personal development – breakfast is a great time to talk about it more as a way to integrate the experience we’ve shared.

After a hot shower it’s time to say goodbye, whether you’re heading home or you’re off to work for the day. You’ll feel energised and alive, turned-on and ready to face the world with renewed vigour.

The Overnighter is available to existing clients where there’s a good rapport between us. I mostly offer it from my studio in London, and it’s also possible in other locations (depending on the availability of suitable accommodation.)

If you’re an existing client and you’re interested in an Overnighter, please email me and I’ll be delighted to chat about it more with you.

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