Sessions for couples

Sid and I have travelled a long distance both as individuals and as a couple. The changes are deep, within our souls and spirits, and it gives us both the strength we need to make any alterations, and ride the difficult moments, and be true. You helped us construct a bridge from the old to the new, and we can cross it at our own pace. – Mo

Being in loving relationships is both beautiful and challenging. Our partner(s) are mirrors for us, revealing new aspects of ourself – including those that we aren’t aware of yet.

The delights and challenges increase when we explore alternative sexual lifestyles together: in particular, non-monogamy and BDSM. The reason for this is that the mirroring intensifies, we have more opportunities to get triggered and to meet our ‘stuff’.

For couples I offer sessions that support you to grow and deepen together in love and integrity. This includes opening up the relationship to include other people, exploring BDSM together or exploring it with me.

At our partner session Faerie’s combined intuition, compassion and confidence took us to places we hadn’t expected to go and helped us reach and recover a deeper harmony in our relationship. Seemingly simple but essential exercises have had a long term and life-altering effect on the way we relate. We felt completely safe in his hands and would absolutely recommend his sessions. – Jo

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