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Over the past 10 years there’s been a huge increase in Sexuality Professionals offering individual sessions for pleasure, healing and transformation. You might call yourself a Professional Dominant or Submissive, a Tantric Massage Therapist, a Sexological Bodyworker, a Somatic Sex Coach, a Courtesan or a Prostitute. Or you might have a different title, but still in some way work with sex and the body.

As the field grows and we work with a more diverse range of clients, the issues we face as practitioners become more complex. These can be anything from practical questions (“where’s the best place to buy cheap coconut oil?”) to ethical questions (“I think I’m developing feelings for my client and I don’t know how to handle it”) – and a great deal in between.

Because our field is still young and largely unregulated, and because of the social stigma around sex work, it’s easy to forget that our work is vitally important and personally demanding. We tend to think of ourselves doing something outside the mainstream, and therefore don’t have the valuable support structures that other helping professions have developed.

In my own practice, things improved considerably when I began working with a supervisor. I was able to look closely at the challenges I faced, both with specific clients and more generally in my practice. I had the chance to explore how I promoted myself and what kinds of clients I attracted. I began to see my practice as something important and worth investing in.

I’ve been practicing in this field for over 7 years and have informally mentored a number of practitioners. Now I am delighted to offer you the chance for more structured coaching and supervision to support you with your professional practice.

There are two options: you can either see me for a one-off coaching session, lasting 2 hours, in which we look at specific topics and questions. Or you can see me for ongoing supervision sessions, lasting between 1 and 2 hours each, in which we look at the development of your practice from month to month and from year to year.

I am excited to offer you a wealth of experience working with individual clients and in workshops, and look forward to supporting you to develop your professional practice. The world needs you, and you’ll grow in confidence and courage with my support. Welcome home!

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