Make Your Sexy Dreams Come True

Do you have a desire you’d love to fulfil?
Is there a fantasy you’ve been longing to bring to life?
Are you ready to let Cecilie & Newman make your sexy dreams come true?

We’re an attractive, genuine sex worker couple from London (Newman) and Copenhagen (Cecilie). Between us we have over ten years’ experience in this work, with a range of skills across the erotic spectrum: from sensual massage and Tantric breathwork to dominance & submission and other forms of kinky pleasure.

We’re experienced at helping people to realise their desires and fantasies, including (but not limited to):

* four-handed erotic massage
* threesomes and foursomes
* voyeurism and exhibitionism
* dirty dinner dates
* spanking, whipping and other forms of pleasure/pain
* sensual and erotic dominance & submission
* erotic role play (for example, bad bosses disciplining an insolent employee)
* cuckolding (being made to watch while your partner cheats on you)
* erotic wrestling and rough play
* consensual non-consent (being forced into pleasure against your will)
* kidnappings
* golden showers and watersports

Newman Alexander, Kinky Sex Worker in London


No desire is too unusual, no fantasy too far out. We love them unique and we’ll do our best to meet your desire just as you‘ve always imagined it. And if it’s not something we feel we can create with you, we’ll let you know right away so you can find other practitioners to work with. (We may even be able to recommend someone for you.)


Our approachCecilie’s eyes
Our approach focuses on two key elements: compassion and consent.

Compassion: we know that exploring your desires is precious and vulnerable. We honour your desires, holding them tenderly, enabling you to fulfil them in an intimate and connected way. While always keeping it hot, sexy and fun, of course!

You may be a bit nervous before or during the session and that’s totally OK. Our job is to help you feel relaxed and guide the experience so you can sink into it.

Consent: you can only open to a sexual experience when you know that your boundaries will be respected. Your consent is kept central at all times, even when something changes halfway through the session. You’ll never do anything you don’t want to do, even if you said you wanted to do it at the start. This way you’ll be safe to open up and let go fully into the experience.

Before we start playing, we discuss what you want and what feels like a yes for you. Often this conversation takes some time (30-60 minutes) and is liberating in itself – because in the everyday world of sex, things often rush on without enough care and attention to boundaries and consent. For us, consent is the foundation that makes your experience safe and sexy.

How does it work?
Our process is simple and clear. It’s designed to ensure your safety, privacy and comfort, and to protect us from timewasters and nasty people.

Step 1
You complete a short online form to let us know a bit about what you want to explore with us. We get back to you within a day or two to arrange a short Skype or phone call. This is a chance for us to make sure we’re a good match for you and can definitely provide what you want to experience. At the end of this call, if it feels good for you and for us, we schedule the session.

Step 2
We come to your home or hotel room. You provide the space and we bring everything else for the session. Once we’re settled, we begin with that all-important chat, establishing your desires and boundaries in more depth and making sure you’re totally comfortable with what’s going to happen. This chat often takes a little while (typically 30-60 minutes) and it’s a great way for you to feel safe, ask any questions and refine what we’re going to do before we do it.

Step 3
We play! This is your time to liberate your desires, to explore and to enjoy. We make the space as safe, comfortable and sexy as we can so you can really let go into the experience.

It’s hard to describe how wonderful it is to have two experienced sexuality professionals to play with. It’s a winning combination: clear communication, years of experience and the pleasure we take in making your sexy dreams come true. This will be an afternoon or evening to remember for a very long time.

We always observe a very high safer-sex protocol, using gloves, condoms and dams for all intimate contact. Please don’t ask if we do unprotected sex – for your safety and ours, we don’t.

Let Cecilie & Newman make your sexy dreams come true


Are you ready to dive in and liberate your desires so you can live more free, more alive and more turned-on? Please get in touch with us today, we’d love to hear from you.

We are delighted to offer this exquisite experience at the introductory price of £600 (UK), €600 (most of Europe), 6000 kr (Denmark) and AUS$900 (Australia)

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