Testimonials from clients

Note: as I used to be called London Faerie, a lot of these testimonials refer to me as such. I am still the same person, just with a different name!

Coaching & Mentoring

“In four hours, you gave me an insight into myself that is clearer than anything I’ve experienced for years.” – Elizabeth (Sept 15)

I would describe your coaching session as cutting through 12 weeks of normal therapy to get answers and results. I really had never been fully seen before, and that I could trust you in such an emotionally naked experience. Just having you so clearly connect my past and my present was enough to kickstart me practicing much healthier self awareness in relationships. I am now able to choose only nourishing and important relations and say no to the unimportant ones with grace. – K.C.

I asked Faerie to work with me this year, as a mentor and companion to discuss and improve my confidence in myself along with my ability to interact with others from a position of assertiveness and mindfulness. Faerie’s combination of emotional and intellectual intelligence was invaluable to me and I feel that I have grown significantly during the course of the past year. I’m very happy with the time I spent with Faerie. – Daf

Hand written testimonial

Thank you for your guidance during 2013, such a pleasure! Making these changes to our life needed professional help and you gave it expertly. I believe Sid and I have travelled a long distance both as individuals and as a couple, the changes are deep, within our souls and spirits, and it gives us both the strength we need to make any alterations, and ride the difficult moments, and be true. You helped us construct a bridge from the old to the new, and we can cross it at our own pace. – Mo

The whole experience was liberating, energising and extremely practically useful. I cannot recommend Faerie as a coach and mentor highly enough. (Full testimonial here >>) – Jon Underwood, founder of Death Cafe

When I last saw you I was in the middle of a pretty dark time, and being able to have sessions with you when I did has been a huge factor in getting me through all this. – Emma

London Faerie was deeply instrumental in helping me learn to value my work when I started being self-employed – Santi (founder of Rumpus)

Our session with you was most helpful and allowed both my wife and I to communicate a lot better in a more frank and honest way. It allowed us both an opportunity to lift the veil of hidden sexuality a fraction and take a quick glimpse at both our sex life, but also those of others and helped us address some of those taboo issues that society and the media would tell us how we should behave, what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable and what they would consider to be bizarre.

We have since begun talking a lot more openly about sex more often and about the kind of things that each other wants and what makes us happy as well as helping to prioritise those things in our lives that are most important to us. I feel very strongly that at the moment we are both enjoying the best sex of our lives and it is in no small part to having our session with you. – T & M, Dublin

You’re a great example of a hippie with a great career.  I’d love to replicate that. – Angelika

Thank you for understanding me without judgement. – Mike, Bristol

Faerie’s Personal Growth sessions are fantastic. I had one and it was full of positive practical steps. And synthesizing it all in a ritual created a change that was tangible from that evening on. – Jen Hazel

What made it so wonderful for me was your ability to stand firm, unflinchingly embodied, which allowed the things that arose, to also land. – Avanti Shivpuri (psychic and healer)

My Personal Growth session with Faerie was epic. A really rare opportunity to be fully listened to for two hours. By someone who ‘gets it’. Massively recommended! – Vina Green

In our coaching session you created a space where I could look at what was going on for me with clear eyes, and you reflected back the bits I tried to hide from. When I got stuck you poked me in just the right place and with just the right force to get me moving again. It barely felt like more than a chat, but things have shifted a lot for me in the few days since our session: opportunities have opened up all around, and now I know how to handle them. – Claire Black

Thank you for looking and really seeing! Thank you for your impeccability in recognising that which needs “seeing”.

And again I really honour you for the work you have done along your own journey! I recognise that dedication which is evident in your mastery of your “craft”! – Donna

My being is saying a big yes! to the amazing world that has opened in front of me. A big and great adventure awaits me, but one that I want to dive in with all my heart. Thank you very much, once again for helping me to get were I’m now, I’m really, really happy about that. – Rosa

The experience I had with Faerie was a turning-point in my integration of my inner authority as a woman in relationships with men. Faerie is fearless and responsible and took me into my darkest places which has deepened in me the concept of being in choice rather than fear. – Katie Sarra, Sacred Sexual Healer

Last night’s session was absolutely amazing and led to some excellent discussion between my partner and I on the way home: talking about slightly tricky areas but without blame or accusation. It was wonderful. Thank you so much. – A & B

London Faerie is a gifted coach who really gets where you’re at, and where you’re headed, and can lightly hold your hand through all the messy parts in between. He brings deep wisdom, timely humour, a warm bath of love and much more to the sessions. He seems to find the pivotal points that others might miss… and so helps ignite the transformation required to turn your “dirt” into gold.

I’m forever grateful for his unique and brilliant guidance on the practicals of life/work/love balance, too, and still apply all that he taught me. He showed me how the universe really does reflect where we are at emotionally, energetically, spiritually and helped mend my trust in the flow of life. I highly recommend (a block of) sessions with him – give yourself the gift, folks – Bayari Lou Beegan

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Kinky Training

My partner and I recently had a 5-hour kink coaching session with Faerie, and we came away from it enriched in so many ways … we took away enough to practice for a few months, and we look forward to doing another session to take things to an even deeper, richer level. – Kendall and Cupcake (read the full testimonial here >>)

Our deepest gratitude for your insights, inspiration and support on Thursday. You’ve provided us with some important view on our dynamic which has a great impact on many other things as well. We are looking forward to the things you will send to dig in deeper in understanding and practice. – Anon (Copenhagen)


We both enjoyed it very much and it has given us a map to guide us. Particularly setting boundaries at the start of a session, even though we have known each other for many years, it doesn’t mean we will know what is comfortable for the other on a particular day. So now we can practice our technique and look forward to taking each other (and possibly others) to places that will be unique each time. You’ve definitely left your mark on us!! – J&J (Bristol)

“My training session with Faerie and Marti, was a great choice, after a coaching session and the Purple Door workshop. This session was to practice taking the Dominant role in kink play, after we’d identified this as an area where I had some work to do on self acceptance.

“I’ve been processing the effects of our session for months after, and the impact on my life has been profound. Learning to embrace my Dominant side, to give myself permission to desire, hold, and enjoy power, has carried over into daily life in so many ways. It’s been a big confidence booster, not just in the bedroom.

“Tuning into other people’s energy and holding space are skills that come naturally to me, but for a long time this was a burden, it felt like hard work, rather than something that is mutually empowering. The way that Faerie and Marti keep things light and fun and sexy helped me to experience joy instead of anxiety in when holding power and responsibility over another.

“And of course Marti on her knees looking up at me, is simply gorgeous. What a powerful woman. Respect to her for letting me learn. Faerie coaching me but also leaving plenty of room for me to figure things out for myself, first, provided a very safe learning space. Because Marti and Faerie are tuned into each other so well, they created a relaxed, safe, and intimate mood. They complement each other’s teaching.

“I feel empowered, learned some new practical skills, and I got to have a good time with lovely people, it was fun and sexy. Thank you!” – Anon (London)

Faerie provided a sizzling introduction for my partner to the ins and outs of BDSM, with myself as the test object. He did this in a sane and consensual manner, following an in-depth pre-session negotiation where every eventuality was considered before we entered The Pot. – P. (London)

Thank you for being so patient and flexible when we came for training. You made us both feel safe to explore new things and new tools! I wasn’t sure what to expect, and found that you were totally delightful, really experienced and lots of fun. – Rebecca Lowrie, Sacred Sexual Healer

Faerie is highly skilled at SM and has an innate ability to clearly pass on his knowledge and wisdom to newbies and more experienced players alike. – Claire Black, Ecstatic BDSM practitioner

She says: The session last monday was powerful. An amazing experience as well as a challenge with things to reflect on … I value the depths and new areas for us to explore together as a couple.

He says: I loved the session last week, powerful magic indeed … BDSM has introduced something new and precious to our relationship.

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Kinky Pleasure

I recently had a session with London Faerie and it was just what I wanted. I’d been giving Femdom sessions for a few months now and was really longing to surrender myself and trust in the skills and presence of a pro. We elaborately discussed my longings and boundaries upfront and he was very precise in making it clear for both of us. It was a short session but exactly what I wanted. I could surrender and trust fully. I didn’t want him to act on sexual energy if that would arise and it was great to just be able to feel the sexual energy flowing without the need to touch intimate areas. But to just relax into it and enjoy the feeling. The way London Faerie dominated me was ‘clean’ and very natural. He could stay present without ‘effort’ also when I had a release of frustration, anger and sadness coming up. That felt really professional, him just being there and giving me space for my emotions but not being involved in it himself. Also the impact play felt like a gift of love from full understanding and with great confidence and ease. I felt very safe and taken care of. Thanks again for this good imprint. – Stella, NL

Light-headed through sheer ecstasy and orgasmic bliss, i barely remember the words i gushed about how amazing the session was, how much it completely exceeded my expectations. we both know i could have taken more pain, that i should have said 18 rather than 12, but that this was the perfect first experience. i ask LF if he noticed anything from me in the session, and his words (apologies, but i will keep this back for myself, for now) resonate with a issue i’ve recently acknowledged and am starting to finally accept and move forward from. light chatter sparks between us, and i remark how tantalising the misery stick felt on my flesh. and then, in an act of pure kindness, which LF truly radiates as a person, he hands me the misery stick he used on me as a present. – Saskia

I could feel myself flying whilst it was happening Sir. You clearly know what you are doing with the floggers and canes, but much more than that, you knew how to play me so i felt safe. This meant I was able to relax into it in a way that I couldn’t have done otherwise. Thank you so much. – R.

What a delightful and insightful session for me in the end, which was totally unexpected … I now understand I still have a strong association with inflicting physical pain and releasing deep emotion from adolescence. So I was far from tender afterwards, I was ready to take on anything with gusto, enthusiasm and love for life! I feel it will have a positive impact on my 1:1 sessions too- you walloped me more open!  – Ma Deva Tara

It was a very good experience to meet you – especially the talk that we had. I think it was like a support of letting myself be, who I really am.

I am very positive of the work that you are doing. I still haven’t understood fully the interaction between us in the session, since it evoked something completely different in me that what I usually experience. But at the same time, I felt it had significance and that some kind of door opened…It is like you come from a totally different world than I, or even dimension…but at the same time, I had to meet you (sorry for being spiritually weird here…). It feels like so much at home. – KJ, Copenhagen

We are a married couple with a long and happy history together. Last year I had an epiphany and invited my man to start out on an adventure through Tantra. Opening up our love and becoming more concious in our love and sexuality. BDSM has now become part of that journey.

London Faerie has guided us through the initial steps with great care and expertise. Firstly with some Kinky Training and after diligently doing our homework, a play session.

The play session was amazing, starting with the setting of boundaries and shaping a framework. Everything we wanted was included, sometimes in a surprising but always delicious way. We felt safe and held, emotionally and physically. Being led from Playroom to Boudoir and into Sluthood, blindfolded and in Faerie’s strong arms. DIVINE!

London Faerie is easy to talk to in a naturally open way, He is very professional but wit and humour aren’t far away. He simply ‘gets us’. – Sid & Mo

Our session with the needles was so beautiful. I’d been meaning to inquire about a session for a while, but was a little scared about what it would entail. I guess I thought it might be too painful or go too deeply. I was so supported by you throughout the session. I could trust you to go no further than what I could take. It wasn’t painful.. it was like taking a medicine you knew was good for you.

I felt a blossoming in the session… veils dropping, essence flowing… this energy filled me up and I let go of old ego trips and fears. You whispered to me ” the more juicy you are, the more connected you are” and this totally rung true… yes! That’s the key… inhibition dropped and I allowed myself to feel the utterly juicy me. It was such a celebration of me as a sensual, sexual being.

Thank you for holding me throughout with such grace, presence and love. – Bayari Beegan

Afterwards as I walked through the streets, the lights seemed much brighter and clearer, my vision was sharp, and I could hear the fizz and whir of the electrical lines by the train station. I was part of the world in a way I had never been before- so wholly connected and yet distinct and separate. Olivia Fitzgerald (read the full account >>)

Faerie really has a magical way with the flogger. He knows how to push your limits while totally respecting them, and that’s a rare thing. I’d played around a bit previously, but I hadn’t had a proper long session before, and I was very lucky to have Faerie in charge. I went to a very nice place indeed and was brought back down to earth very safely. – Belle

Thanks again for the session: it was amazing to have such a vivid and astonishing experience, and for it to feel so beautifully held, safe and calm. – Pauline

I still cannot find the right words to thank you for the fabulous session that we had on Monday. When I was sitting in the taxi on my way back, I tried to recall if I´ve ever experienced something so profound, intimate and blisfull that I experienced with you the last time. I have to admit, I could not remember… I think I will need some time to fully understand what was going on there… I just know that it was amazing. You were amazing. Thank you very much for everything that you´ve done for me. – Klára Pavlíková, Prague

At the end of session I knew that I had to go to this session in this condition. I felt physically very weak, but in other ways I felt very strong and full of energy. This was a very interesting contrast. This session was my first BDSM experience on my own body and very helpful. What it left me with was this: “It is me who controls my life, not my fear” – Mirek, Prague

London Faerie is such an amazing person! He is fun, got a quick mind and a big heart! And he is really genuine … He has a way of being and looking at you that makes you stay playful with what´s happening during the process … what an amazing ceremony. – Jennie Rehbinder, Stockholm (read the full account >>)

When I compare this experience to Tantra it’s exactly the same ecstasy that I have experienced in the highest of Tantric rituals. Faerie’s professionalism is impeccable. He for me is a highly trained, gifted, intuitive, inspirational man who I have no doubt would provide anyone with an amazing experience. -Jason, founder of Tantra4Gay Men and Tantra Professional (read the full article >>)

My session was a transforming journey of uniquely tailored erotic pleasure. Under Faerie’s experienced and sensitive hand the combination of tender massage combined with well judged and expertly administered pain took sensual play into a new exciting dimension. – Adam

Thank you so much for yesterday. I feel happy! It’s like I have much more space inside me, somehow lighter and really calm in my mind and in my body. I can see / feel the healing power of what you do in the sessions. I enjoyed our dance and the defrosting. And I loved the flogging! There was one silly smiling bliss bunny sitting on the train home last night, and since. – Bara, Tantrika

Faerie led us to a point of vision of what was required now: I ended up in an internal wedding of my yin and yang. What a lovely honeymoon night I had with myself, feeling peaceful, creative, radical and revolutionary! Shokti Lovestar

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