Personal Transformation

Your professional help has been a massive part of my personal transformation. Life seems full of opportunities and wonder that I just couldn’t see before. I’m revelling in feeling like a sexy woman. It’s rather wonderful! – Elizabeth

Personal Transformation is an intense process but it’s worth it. I work at a deep level to release what’s holding you back and help you to be more free, to welcome in more of life.

Our core wounding happen in the first few years of our lives and during our early sexual experiences. By revisiting the site of these wounds, we can release the body’s memory of trauma and create a new imprint.

BDSM is a powerful tool for healing because of the feelings it evokes. Being bound reminds you of the helplessness you felt as a child. Being beaten or bullied recalls the injustices of the past. By remaining with you as these dark feelings are re-ignited, I help you to transform them. In doing so we free up the energy you’ve been using to keep them buttoned-down.

My being is saying a big yes! to the amazing world that has opened in front of me. A big and great adventure awaits me, but one that I want to dive in with all my heart. Thank you very much, once again for helping me to get were I’m now, I’m really, really happy about that. – Rosa

If you’ve ever wished you could wake up from your drama or recreate the movie of your life, then go to Faerie. He’s the ultimate director of new beginnings. – Amala Bodhi, Tantrika (read the full account >>)

I work in different ways to make this happen, including:

  • recreating traumatic events in order to release them, then creating a new imprint by asking you what you need
  • holding you in a space of unconditional love so you can receive what you didn’t get as a child
  • creating transformative rituals that use conscious intention and BDSM magic to invite change into your system

These are some of the approaches I use. However I always work with what is present rather than bringing a set agenda, drawing on my extensive experience and training to use the appropriate tools in the moment. (Read more about how I work here >>)

I always seek your full consent and permission before we start the work. This is essential, since it marks the difference between the events of the past (where you didn’t have control) and these ones (where you do). Consent is a key aspect of the healing process.

It’s also possible to have a Double-Dom Personal Transformation session with me and my partner Marti when she is in London or I’m in Prague.

Faerie shifted a whole heap of shame in my body. Shame left over from being a teenager. (Carried it around for 15 years)  This has made me more aware of this shadow side of myself and I am consciously working with it daily now. I am loving being in my body, the whole of my body and the shame is gradually peeling away, layer by layer. – J

All the parts of me that dissociated came back and stayed … In this experience I found out I am enough and I never have to experience that terror again, it’s gone. I am free. – Avi Esther, Shamanic Healer (read the full account here >>)

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